Etiquette & Essentials to getting started

Etiquette & Essentials to getting started

Etiquette & Essentials to getting started

1. Fully complete your profile. Add a bio, a background pic as well as a picture of yourself or a product related to your small business – we need to know who you are!

2. Start to build followers – It’s normal to follow people on Twitter, you don’t need an invite – nor do they

3. Don’t feel you have to follow someone just because they follow you

4. It’s ok to jump in to a conversation if you can add something to it – be SOCIAL

5. Always respond to those who mention you (check the notifications tab). It’s all

about conversation!

6. When re-tweeting (RT) remember to reference the originator of the tweet

7. Be polite. Thank others for RTs or when they share your blog posts and other stuff

8. Shorten your links so they take up less room and look more professional. Try (

9. Don’t oversell. Bombarding us with tweets about your stuff is not interesting

10. Report and block followers that spam you.

11. Don’t overuse hashtags or abbreviations – any more than 2 hashtags in a tweet

makes it hard to read and easy to ignore

12. Don’t link Twitter to your other social networks to tweet automatically. The

13. strange codes and language do not translate outside of Twitter.

14. Use images – an app called ‘Pic collage’ which you can download from the app store is a great way to pull together editorial style layout of images which you can overlay with text. Tweets with images do have a good allure if you’re tweet relates.

15. – Encourage your customers who are on twitter to endorse you and act as a brand advocate

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