How to deal with that demanding customer

How to deal with that demanding customer

How to deal with that demanding customer

In todays world, consumers are used ravishing media when they want to, via whatever device they choose – how many of us sit and watch TV in the evenings, only to have a phone and tablet next to us to do a spot of online shopping, or send an email? Guilty! But coping with a demanding customer puts a lot of pressure on brands, especially younger ones, to keep up.

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It goes without saying that to be active online you need to first be present online. As we know, disgruntled customers no longer come into your shop or fill in a complaints form when having a moan – they turn straight to twitter and other social platforms to have an instant rant and more importantly get an instant reply from the brand they are upset with, and in many cases empathy from other similar users who have had similar unsatisfied experiences.   Most younger brands believe that by not being across the social media platforms out there, they are giving themselves one less thing to do each day, which whilst great for their to-do list, is not great for the brand position you are portraying to your customers. Invariably by not being active on social media the perception of your brand is most definitely comprised and seen as one that is lagging behind that of your competitors. Again this is not good for you trying to fight hard with the great product you have invested so much time, money and effort into.

If organised, being across social media doesn’t have to be scary. It should be viewed as simply another communication tool.   It’s easy to get started with many tools out there and once you have put the basics in place, becomes part of your daily routine. With such a demanding customer you’re doing more damage by not being open to it and you never know – you might even enjoy it.

So how do you deal with your demanding customers? We’d love to hear your experiences.

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