As a business, you’re passionate for its success.  Undoubtedly you’re an expert in your field and recognise that marketing leads to growth.

Perhaps as a younger business you’re overwhelmed by lack of time and the ‘don’t know where to start’ feeling, so you’ve invariably done nothing, or a little of something that hasn’t turned out how you’d hoped.

Or you’re a more established business, and feel the need to shake things up to keep ahead of an ever growing list of competitors – but just don’t know how.

Either way, at Renshaw Communications, we offer a range of marketing services that can truly help your business.


Content Marketing

So content is definitely king and make no mistake the right content should make your brand stand out, whilst delivering relevance and like-ability in a competitive market place. We deliver content that engages your target audience and fundamentally has impact – on your customers and more importantly on your business.


Social Media

We all know we should be doing it, but how and why is it so important and how on earth can we find the time to work effectively across all the social platforms?  All you want to focus on is new business, right?  Let us simplify social media for you and show you how it can have a huge positive impact on your brand.


Copy Writing

Whether it’s a blog, email campaign, customer newsletter, brochure or copy for your website, we deliver relevant and engaging copy, in the style and tone of voice that speaks the language of YOUR business, is search engine friendly and achieves the results you’re looking for.


Design and Brand Development

We help make your brand visible and relevant in a connected world that is overrun by time-poor, gadget-rich consumers.  We ensure the product or service you sell is truly represented by the look and feel and voice of your brand.


Strategic Marketing Plans

Marketing for any brand should focus on a strategy that builds your brand presence, acquires and retains your customers and ultimately grows the value of your business.  We sit down, talk, understand and work with you to deliver a plan that is within your budget and can deliver the most positive impact on your business.


PR Support

Whether you’re looking to get your product on the shopping pages of Stylist or Women & Home, need help with a press release or just want to manage your brand’s reputation, we can help.


Event Management and Best Practice

Whether exhibiting at a retail event, managing an invitee process to a product launch, or holding a team away day, we recognise that well run events leave a lasting impression and provide some invaluable face to face time with your customers, and indeed your staff.  As the financial investment in events can be huge, let us talk you through our best practice to really drive the desired output for your event.


Virtual Marketing Director

Rightly so Business Owners like to control everything as budgets are tight and only they truly understand the vision and ethos of their business.  However, in order to grow sometimes they have to let go.  A Virtual Marketing Director is there as an extension of the team and understands how the role of marketing has to fit within other areas of the business.  We deliver strategic advice, training or take the hands on approach and do it ourselves – however you’d like.