Twitter Lingo understood

Twitter Lingo understood

Twitter Lingo understood

Let’s make things simple….here are some of the Twitter basics explained:

@: adding this to the beginning of someone’s Twitter name creates a direct link to that person’s profile. Use this whenever you mention or reply to other users.

# (hashtag): add this to the beginning of a word or topic which adds your tweet to a list of all other tweets containing that #. Great for owning a trending topic and good for using at events or for a topical debate

Block: by blocking a user you can stop them contacting you.

Direct Message/DM: this is a private message sent between 2 users. You can only DM someone if they are following you.

*/Favourite: This is a way to acknowledge tweets you like.

#FF/Follow Friday: a weekly custom where users suggest other profiles to follow using the hashtag #FF in their tweet.

Followers: users that are following you. Anyway can follow you – they don’t need an invite.

Following: when you follow another user. To follow someone means you are going to receive all of their tweets in your newsfeed.

Mention: when someone’s @name is mentioned in a tweet. You, them and your followers can automatically see these tweets.

RT/ReTweet: seen at the beginning of a tweet. Used when someone forwards another user’s tweet to all of their followers.

Reply: when another user’s @name is mentioned at the beginning of a tweet. You, them and anyone following you both will automatically see these tweets.

Trending Topic: one of the top 10 most popular topics on Twitter at any give time. These appear on the left hand side next to your newsfeed. Often news stories break here and it means lots of people are talking about it.

Tweet button: found on websites and blogs where you can use to spread interesting articles.

Unfollow: when you stop following a user so their updates no longer show in your newsfeed. The unfollowed person is not notified.

URL shortener: a tool that makes long URLs (web addresses) shorter so they don’t use up your 140 character limit.

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